Sunday, 23 October 2016

New Beginnings with Big Smiles

The beginning of every year is always exciting as we prepare for a classes, new friends and new teachers.  This year is special for me!  
I am very excited to be starting my new school year at a brand new school: Vista Hills Public school. 

Opening a new school means many wonderful things:  new technology, a new room, all new materials, and a brand new start for everyone involved.    Opening a new school also means a great deal of work, collaboration and planning on everyone's part.  Many of that is why this blog post is delayed for the start of year.   

At Vista Hills we are HEROS and we give each other GEMs everyday.  As a school we have character traits that we believe in.  During the month of September we we focussed on H which stands for HOPE!   We showed this by running a Terry Fox run at our school and had a wonder assembly where we brought our community together for the first time. 
As we progress into October we are focussing on Gratitude! At Vista Hills we are grateful for all that is good in our lives.  

You may visit the our School and be surprised that there are many things that are incomplete however one things that we are learning about more each day is:  It is not the building that makes this place wonderful it is the people.  Vista Hills is a special place to be.  

After the 3rd week of school I was trying to figure out why my cheeks were so sore.  After a few moments of reflection it became clear to me that my cheek are sore because the people of Vista Hills make me smile.  Thank you everyone at Vista Hills for making new beginnings such an enjoyable and cheerful place to be.   
So I hope you get a chance to visit our new school not because the building is amazing but because those that fill the building as worth the visit.  

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