Grade 7 Science

Grade 7 Science

This term in grade 7 science we will be discovering the  
following topics:

Ecosystems: (mid-Sept to Dec) Students will analyze some of the impacts humans 

have on the environment and investigate factors that may affect balances within the  


Students will learn that ecosystems consist of communities of plants and animals that 

are dependent on each other as well as non-living parts of the environment.

Structures: (Jan-March) Students will study various structures that humans build to 

meet specific needs. They will consider not only the functions the structures must 

perform but also the resources available to build them, the intended lifetime of the 

structures and the impact of the structures on the environment.

Heat: (March- May) Students will acquire a working knowledge of the nature of heat, 

and gain new insights into how heat affects the world.

Pure Substances and Mixtures: (May- June) By exploring the distinction between pure 

substances and mechanical mixtures and solutions, students will come to recognize 

that most matter is either a solution or mechanical mixture – including most foods and 

drinks  and many medicines, cosmetics, building materials, and cleaning agents. 

Students will use this information to weigh the social and environmental consequences 

of the use of various consumer products.

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